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About Me

Hello ! My name is Makarand Walimbe. 

I enjoyed working in the fast paced Silicon Valley IT industry for over 20 years. (my LinkedIn profile)

About 4 years ago, I decided to invest in myself by taking a few months off from work. 

I was healthy. pretty good lifestyle. Working out regularly with 3 half Marathons completed and preparing for a full race. I felt wonderful and confident that "All Is Well".

Little I knew at that point, my life was about to change ! 

A health challenge surfaced soon out of nowhere (so it seemed at that point ! ) which led me to abandon my plans to resume IT work in the near future.

My Journey


What felt like an uphill battle (and  a super long nightmare) initially, turned into a life transformation journey. 

I followed the path leading to deep soul searching. I read about various holistic health/ body-mind-spirit modalities.

I started meditating regularly and got trained in a energy healing practice.

It was a great experience and to take my healing journey further, I became a certified hypnotist  

During the class, I learned the self hypnosis method. I immediately started using this method.

Since then I was able to uncover and process 3 big repeating (and self limiting, non-serving) patterns in my life.

I've now added Yoga and breathwork to my routine .

I've been offering energy healing to family members and friends for the past few months. 

It's just  a small attempt to give it back to the community.

A secret revealed 


I strongly feel that my health challenge made me more compassionate towards others.

Now, I'm able to connect with others much better. 

We are given challenges to learn the meaning of our lives and seek opportunities bigger than our challenges. 

If we just sit back thinking "All Is Well" then there is no change, no better choices, no better behavior and thus no better future. Our same old thinking patterns create same (or similar) predictable future. While there is an inertia and fear (due to wrong programming) towards a big change, embracing the unknown may result into something very meaningful.

I never would have believed it only 4 years ago.

What's Happening Now


I've been offering 7th path self-hypnosis(R) workshops and receiving great feedback from the attendees !

I'd like to invite you to my next workshop and energy healing session. I also offer the advanced 5-PATH hypnosis sessions.

My focus is to create a personalized approach using various holistic health modalities and partnering with talented practitioners of both eastern and western methods. This approach will result in maximizing your returns on the investment. 

If you have a strong desire to transform your life , I'd love to hear from you !

Cheers !

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